I decided last night that, I would only do 11 km today. I felt though yesterdays walk was “shaded”, I had taken too much sun. My arms and face, were “red” and “tingling” that evening.

I left at 7.30 am after a quick “Cafe con Leche”. I felt strong, but “low” on energy. I was glad I had made the decision to stop early.

The initial 2 km was on highway, before it switched to road. After yesterdays “scenery”, it was a bit of an anti- climax.











Though the mountains to the right were beautiful, there were pylons, farm buildings, and some light industry, the whole way in.

It was very hot by 8.30 am, and I was forced to put on my hat. It was going to be a “scorcher” later, at least 40c +.









There were a number of independent “white arrows” on the trail. I thought at first they were official, but when they marked the trail ahead with an “X”, then an “arrow” to the right, It didn’t feel “legit”!. I figured this was a “ploy”, to get the pilgrims to spend money in their village. I ignored them and carried on.

I suddenly felt an “urge”, to go the toilet. It grew stronger, and I knew, I would not be able, to “hold out” until “Aldeanueva del Camino”. I was also starting to wonder, if the last “white arrow”, was perhaps, the correct way after all !!! . If I was wrong, I “faced”, another 12 km in this heat !!!.

Salvation !!! There in front of me was a “rest area” and a drinking fountain for the pilgrims !!! I realised then, I was just “slow” today, and the town was coming up.

Checking there was nobody on the trail, I “dived” into the bushes. My “urge”, was now a “full grown”, medical emergency !!!

What a relief !!! A few minutes later, “signs” started appearing for “Aldeanueva del Camino”.









The heat was incredible, and I was so glad, not to be walking on !!!.

The town of “Aldeanueva del Camino” is very pleasant, and the town folk are friendly. I stayed at a private hostel “Albergue Turistico”, for €15. It was very modern with “air conditioning”, freshly laundered sheets, and great showers !!!.

Later I took a “photo” of some very “chilled” cats. I think like me, they too wanted to get out of the heat !!!.









I felt for “Philip” as somewhere up ahead, I knew he would be “struggling” !!! It had to be in the mid 40`s now.

Tomorrow, I will get up early and attempt, a regular day !!!

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