I left this morning at 6.30 am and followed the N630 to “Banos de Montemayor”. It was a slow steady climb, and I was grateful for the shade of the mountains.









I stopped in “Banos de Montemayor” for a “quick” coffee, before moving on. I took a photo at the top of the hill, to show the town and valley below.









The walk was very beautiful, as it slowly descended through fields of “Holm oaks” with stone walls. I started to get “twinges” in my knee again, which I ignored, as I was keen to get in early, to “Calzada de Bejar”.











Eventually I was forced to stop, as I was “limping” badly. I went through all my recently acquired knowledge, to no avail. I was “stumped”, once again. It occurred to me, that it might have something to do, with “over riding” the pain “mentally”. I massaged points at the back of the head, relating to the area in question, and the pain slowly disappeared. Phew !!!

The last 2 hours into “Calzada de Bejar” was tough, as it was very exposed to the sun now. I took a photo, of a small section of Roman road, to show their road building skills. Unfortunately, most of it seems to be gone now, probably used for houses and stone fences.











The last ½ hour was particularly “tough” as it was straight up, a “rubble” strewn pathway, and I was glad when “Calzada de Bejar”, finally came into view.

It`s a very small village with only one “Cafe/Bar”, no shops and no pharmacy. The houses are very old, some dating from Roman times. I booked into one of them “Calzada Romana” for €15 , and then got something to eat.











The house did not have air conditioning, but was surprisingly cool. I wondered, did it have something to do with a well, to the left of the front door. The underground stream, could be having a cooling effect on the surrounding area ?

I took a nice photo at the water fountain of a horse, before a “siesta”.









Later, I went back to the “Cafe/Bar”, for a couple of beers. I felt a bit “odd”, and had only drunk ½ a glass of beer, when I had a strong urge to get sick. I ran for the bathroom, barely making it !!!.

It was like a scene from the “Excorcist”, I “threw up” everywhere !!!. I don’t know what the locals, made of all this. Fortunately, I was able to leave the bathroom in a presentable state. I don’t know what I would have done, if there was no paper towels !!!

When I came back I felt a bit better, then suddenly I became “light headed”. Fortunately it passed, as I had visions of the locals carrying me back to my accommodation. I managed to get a “7 UP” into me, as I thought it might help.

I knew then I would not be walking tomorrow. Since my incident with the “Mago y Champigniones”, I had been having “on and off” bouts of “diarrhea”. I think this, and the extreme heat, had made me dehydrated again.

I needed a chemist but that was not possible here. All I could do was keep hydrated, and to try get a good night`s sleep !!!.

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