I did not feel great the next morning. I needed to get an “electrolyte / mineral” solution into me.

I also had no appetite, so the best food was bananas, oranges, and drinking yoghurt. There was no chance of that here !!!

When I looked at my map, I could see the towns ahead, were very small with no amenities. I decided I had to get a taxi, back to “ Banos de Montemayor”. It was a big town, and would have all the facilities, like chemists, supermarkets etc.











The local “Bar/Café” was closed. A Spanish tourist “Javier”, kindly phoned a taxi for me. It arrived very quickly, and I was soon in “Banos de Montemayor”. I checked into the local “Albergue Turisto” for €15 .

I felt a bit weak and decided to have a lie down for awhile. When I awoke, it was of course “Siesta” time. I would now have to wait until 5 pm, for everything to open up again.

I eventually found a chemist. It had no “+” outside, so I had walked past many times, presuming it was a perfume shop. I think they were newly opened.

There followed a farce, of trying to explain with no “Spanish”, that I was dehydrated and needed an “electrolyte / mineral solution”. I was offered “Ibuprofen” for inflammation, told to eat fruit, drink water. I tried to explain I was doing this, but wanted to take the solution, as a precaution.

Eventually she phoned a colleague, and within seconds, I had the “magic elixir” in my hands. I took a photo of the packet, so I would never, have to go through this experience again.









I decided to buy 5 days supply, as it is amazing how many chemists, don’t stock this. Don`t Spanish people get dehydrated in the heat !!!

When I got back I was feeling a little better. I also had some drinking yoghurt, bananas, and oranges to get into me. I asked the “Hospitellero”, if he could book a taxi for me for the morning.

He tried the local taxi man, but he was on holiday in Madrid. He then said, he would drive me there himself. I was very “touched”, he did not have to do this. His name was “Tomas”

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