I did not sleep well last night. I got incredibly hot and then had “spasms” of shivering cold. It got so bad that I had to get a blanket to cover me. I realised then, my body was fighting some sort of infection, as well.

I had been badly bitten by what I thought were “Mosquito`s” in Hostel Asturias, 2 days previously. I began to think now they were probably “Bed Bugs”. The last time I got bitten, I had got sick as well, but not like this !!!

I debated staying another day. Then thought have a shower and some breakfast, and see how you feel. I felt a little better, and as the distance was 8.6 km decided to go on

“Tomas” left me just outside “Calzada de Bejar” at 8am. I thanked him for his hospitality and help. He was only wanted a minimal rate for the journey, but I insisted he take the fare I had paid yesterday.

The walk was “fairly” flat with “Holm oaks”, and stone fields on either side. It was very peaceful, calm and shaded.









Slowly the landscape became more open, with cows grazing in the fields. A young deer crossed the path, not more than 50 ft away. Then noting my presence, “zig-zagged”, across the field`s. It was a nice moment !!!









I stopped to take a photo of a “Roman milestone”. I hadn’t done so before, because most were in very bad condition, or were “touristic” reproductions.











After 7 km, the dirt pathway joined a small road. I then missed a “discrete” sign, for “Valverde de Valdelacasa”.

I started to realise something was up after ½ an hour. There were no signs, and the sun was on the wrong side of me. I was trying to decide, if it was a deviation to the village, when I felt an “urge” to go to the toilet.

Damn !!! I had a normal toilet this morning and had thought that department was fine. I decided to hold on if I could, and with luck the village might be close.

The “urges” became more frequent and “violent”, there was nothing for it, but to find a place to go.

Up ahead, there looked like the banks of a stream, heavily covered in brambles. I figured if I had to go and it was not pleasant, I could at least make myself presentable.

There is something about “mentally”, making the decision to go to the toilet. It`s a bit like “flicking” a switch, the current “flows” and you have only seconds to react. Unfortunately I was too slow, and lost the race !!! However all was not lost, at least I had the stream !!!.

I fought my way through the brambles, to find the stream was dry !!!! . Aaarrgh !!!! This was not in the game plan. All I had was one small tissue, and a water bottle full of “sticky electrolyte” solution.

I decided the “electrolyte” solution might make things worse. There was nothing for it but to “man up”, make that tissue “work”, and to get on the road again !!!

I felt “disgusting” but what can you do, but go on. As I walked a little further up the road, I noticed a long “cement” cattle trough in a field. It was fed by “fresh” water and looked very clean. I decided this was the solution, to my problem. I did not “fancy” coming into the village, like an “outcast” !!!









Fortunately the road was very quiet, and though I could hear a tractor, it was not in view. I stripped quickly, washed, and made myself presentable. I suspect the locals may wonder, why their milk quality, has suddenly deteriorated !!!

There was a village ahead, but the wrong one. I had to turn around and go back. Luckily, the missed pathway was not too far away, and I was soon in “Valverde de Valdelacasa”

I was starting to “burp” a sign of dehydration. I tried to get, as much “electrolyte” solution into me, as quickly as I could. However the “diarrhea”, had done its job well. As I got to “Bar Peregrino/hostel”, I rushed to the toilet and “dry retched” violently.











After checking in I went for a “siesta”. I made sure, that I took lots of “electrolyte” solution, and some “imodium” tablets, before sleeping. I awoke a couple of hours later, feeling much better !!!

The “Bar Peregrino” was the only option for food in the village. The “owner/chef”, prepared the only dish in his repertoire. A “heavily” seasoned lettuce and tomato salad, followed by a massive, pork steak. Just what, I needed !!!

You don’t realise how important salt is until it`s missing from your diet. So many restaurants in Spain don’t season the food, I think it`s a misguided, health thing !!!

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