The walk started with a slow climb up a hill. The scenery was nice with fields of “Holm oak” on either side. There was a cold chill to the air, and a breeze, making for perfect walking conditions.









At the top of the hill was a small village and I stopped to take a picture of a beautiful horse with “doe” eyes !!! . It was very friendly, and allowed me, to stroke it`s wonderful, “silky” nose. It was immaculate, and clearly the owners pride and joy !!!











As I came into the village, 2 “Alsations” rushed from a driveway of a house, “barking” loudly. The older one stopped at the open gate, the younger one did not, “growling” loudly. I had to face him down with my tablet, and slowly back out of its territory. It was a bit of a “shock”, after the previous moment of beauty !!!

The route was more flat now, with more “Holm” oaks and stone fences, before slowly rising to a “Quarry” on a hill. It was a bit “jarring” after the previous landscape, and I was glad when this passed.

Slowly the route descended, and for the first time this morning, I was exposed to the sun rays. I had been blessed so far !!! The landscape was now flat but pleasant, with cows grazing in the fields.









I was in “Fuenterroble de Salvatierra” very quickly, and was glad to have avoided the full strength of the sun. I booked into a “Donativo” run by the “Amigos del Camino de Santiago”.

These “Albergue`s” are very “welcoming”, and I was greeted with a “Good morning” , when they realised that I had no Spanish !!! The rooms are works of art, and I had to take a photo.











This must rate, as the most beautiful “Albergue” in Spain. I was sleeping in the “House of Jesus” !!!









Later after a “siesta”, I watched a “falconry” exhibition, which was part of a local “fiesta”. Though I don’t approve of captive birds, I had to admit the birds were magnificent !!! I took a photo, just this once !!!











Today was a very nice day !!! I also felt my body getting stronger. This is “welcome”, because tomorrow, there is no possibility of shortening the journey !!!

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