I left this morning at 7.30 am. I promptly took a wrong turn, thinking the “Camino”, must go past the Cathedral !!!. It was nice to see, at this time of the morning, as there was a “sense” of the old church.












As I retraced my steps, I bumped into “Gerald” and 2 other pilgrims having breakfast. I decided to join them, and left at 8am with “Gerald” as a companion.

The “signs” were very bad exiting “Zamora”, and eventually we came to a roundabout, with 2 arrows together. Gerald felt the first “arrow”, was a “right”, followed by another “arrow” pointing straight on. My suspicion was the first “arrow” was a mistake, as it was “smudged”, and the “arrow” on top, was the way to go !!!.

A ½ an hour later, I was proved right. We consulted with a local, and had to retrace our steps. Gerald looked “bemused”, constantly checking his guidebook “map”, and the compass on his “i-phone”. It should not be this way he felt !!!.

Sometimes, I think technology can be dangerous, as the “Camino” has been affected by man. It may not now, necessarily follow the original route out of a town, due to motorways, shopping centre`s etc. It is better to rely on the “signs”, and when in doubt check with a local. They after all, live here !!!

It reminded me of a story, about the “Space Race” in the 1960`s. The Americans spent millions of Dollars, perfecting the technology for the “ballpoint” pen. This was to allow their “astronauts”, to write upside down in “zero gravity”. The Russians solution, was to just use a pencil !!!.

I think the message is just keep it simple. I have a guidebook, and an “app” on my “tablet”. I only look at them, when I want to find a place to stay. Maps don’t reflect “local” reality, and at times can be downright confusing. This of course, is my own opinion !!!

Once on the correct route, it was straight forward. I left “Gerald”, who wanted to have a “smoke” break after 4 km, and “motored” on.

It took a couple of km`s, to leave the urban sprawl behind. I stopped to take a “photo”, in “Roales del Pan”. A local artist had placed a lot of unusual sculptures, in their garden. It made me smile !!!












The walk was then quite flat, with wheat fields and the occasional Sunflower field, all the way to “Montamarta”.

I stayed in the municipal “Albergue”, which is strangely located just outside the town, as you come in. It`s almost as if “pilgrims” are not welcome here !!!










That said, the “Albergue” was clean and very basic. It is left open for Pilgrims to check in, and the “Hospitellero” comes around later, for payment.

I think because I am so far from the local amenities, that this is my least favourite town, so far !!!

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