I had to postpone today due to a camera problem. My really expensive digital camera suddenly decided, that it could not recognise its own lens. Unfortunately that meant going back to Dublin, which was an absolute pain. If all went well I would return early the next day.

I am going to leave you with a picture of the Kayak on my car and a little price break down on what the package cost. Its not as prohibitive as you might think ? It helps also to rationalize it as a one off expense to be used for other trips.









The Kayak I chose the “Galaxy Cruz” is primarily for the fishing enthusiast. It is very stable and with its built in buoyancy is incredibly comforting for a novice like myself. It is designed for the sea, river and lakes. It is probably not the fastest Kayak out there, but it must rate as one of the safest !!!











There are a great variety of colour schemes and even “camoflauge” patterns. If you harbour any fantasies of being in the army or SAS, you will be in your element !!!. The company I chose included the seat, paddle and transport wheels as standard. The only extra was the life- vest.

The delivery was earlier than expected. I recieved a phone call from the delivery office. The courier would not leave it in the drive way and was reluctant to leave it next door unless it was cleared by the sending company. I appreciate this as its not unusual in Ireland to order something and find it on your doorstep or left in the driveway. Once I found a package in my recycling bin !!!

Fortunately my neighbour had a key and it was waiting for me in the Lounge, when I got home. Its very substantial, much larger in real life and when you read the cost breakdown, I think very good value !!!.


Cost breakdown Galaxy Cruz 2016 bought “Galaxy World Ltd ” on e-bay

A/ Kayak + seat + paddle +transport wheels = £299 + £45 Courier charge

B/ Life vest = £22.99 + £15 Courier charge

C/ Car rack + mounts = €120                                                                                                                                                                                   ( It pays to buy on-line after being shocked at the price in my local “Halfords”.)  I think I used the on-line discount store “Miicks Garage”. I was a bit dubious at first but everything worked well. You will have to factor in a couple of ratchet straps as well. “TJ Max” are worth a try, the last thing you want is a canoe on the motorway !!!






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