I have read a number of alarming reports of pilgrims being mugged on the outskirts of Seville. I think I may use some life skills here and get up really early for my journey out of the city. If Spanish criminals are anything like their Irish cousins, one thing I have learnt is, that they are not partial to early mornings. That way hopefully I miss the veterans, who like all good businessmen hog the city centre and only have to deal with part-timers on the outskirts. However if you notice any subtle changes to my blog such as photos from nightclubs in Seville and a sudden penchant for Spanish then oops ! my plan may have gone terribly, terribly.. wrong !!!. 

To cover myself, I think I might find a church and say “a little prayer to St James” because experience has taught me he is great to have in your corner. Let me tell you why ?

A few years ago on the Camino El Norte,  I stopped at a beautiful Albergue facing onto a beach.


 Not the place but very close !!!

Not the place but very
close !!!










After checking in, I went with some fellow pilgrims for a bite to eat. There was only really one option a small bar/restaurant.  The service was terrible, everything was rushed, it felt as if the owner, wanted us gone as soon as possible. Afterwards not wanting to go to bed so early, I had a beer in the adjacent bar.

The first beer was quite expensive but I said nothing, figuring it was a touristy area. When I ordered a 2nd one, I handed him a €5 note but did not get anything back. When I called him out on it he dismissed me with a wave of his hand and muttered something incomprehensible in Spanish.

I was “steaming” and had to have a 2 way debate with myself about how to proceed. A phrase kept “popping” into my head, 

               ” Vengeance is mine says the Lord !!!

I  decided to grit my teeth and to let it go. “Why let something like this ruin my Camino ?” I thought . I quickly finished my pint and left.

The following morning, my dinner companions had arranged to meet for breakfast, at the same establishment. I was not to keen after my experience but went anyway. As I turned the corner there were my friends, a police van , technicians taking finger prints and undercover cops all milling outside the restaurant. Apparently during the night “Gypsies” they told me had robbed the restaurant taking all the alcohol, cigarettes and cash left in the till.

Being Spain they were still open for business and I must say I did rather enjoy that coffee. So you see why I have great respect for the man !!!  



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