Hi ! Welcome to my  blog “Spiritual Feet”. I hope you will join me on my adventure from Seville -Santiago, starting on the 2nd of July and finishing on the 12th of August 2016. The distance is about 1000 km and should take 40 days ! 

 I will be following an ancient pilgrimage route known as “La Via De La Plata”, which is sometimes referred to as the” Silver route” or also as the “Camino Mozarabe”.

I will be staying as much as possible in the municipal hostels and commenting on each days experiences. It is not a guide as such, but my impressions of “La Via De La Plata”. It will be most likely written over a beer or two, so please be kind !!!.

The weather can be very hot on this Camino. So if you are of a continental skin tone, this could be the opportunity to discover the answer, to that age old question. Do Irish men melt, if left out in the sun ? For this answer and more please tune in ,….








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