Day 7: Brownstown to the Keel river, Lough Carra, Co Mayo, 20/7/2017

It was a bit grey and rainy this morning. I decided to hold off for a while, to see if
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Day6: Moore Hall to Brownstown once again, Lough Carra, Co Mayo 19/7/2017

I parked in "Moore Hall" car park, as the main beach / launching area was crowded with families enjoying the
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Day 5: Moore Hall to Brownstown, Lough Carra, Co Mayo 18/7/2017

I had to postpone today due to a camera problem. My really expensive digital camera suddenly decided, that it could
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Day 4: Castle Carra to Moore Hall, Lough Carra, Co Mayo 17/7/2017

It was a bit of a “trek” getting the kayak with its “wheels” over 1 fence, another gate, a farm
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Day 3: Castle Carra to Moore Hall, Lough Carra , Co Mayo 16/7/2017

The entrance to “Castle Carra” is by the side of “Burriscarra abbey”. The abbey was founded by the Carmelite order
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Day 2: Miracle on Church Island, Lough Carra, Co Mayo 15/7/2017

Today was very overcast with dark storm clouds on the horizon. I left “Castleburke” jetty with the intention of taking
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