Pilgrim Mass and visiting Santiago`s Tomb

I don’t like “Santiago” very much. The old city is very beautiful, but I sense an “odd” atmosphere here. It
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Day 40: Barcial del Barco to Benavente, 14 km

Last night before bed, I decided to get some advice from “Paco” the “Hospitilero”, regarding the route tomorrow. My plan
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Day 39: Granja de Moreruela to Barcial del Barco, 17.5 km

I left “Granja del Moreruela” at 8 am. The Italian pilgrim “Simone”, kindly asked, if I would I join him,
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Day 38: Riego del Camino to Granja de Moreruela, 6.7 km

I decided to “slow” things down today, and to only go 6.7 km, to “Granja de Moreruela”. It`s coming to
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Day 37: Montamarta to Riego del Camino, 15.7 km

I left this morning at 8 am. I did not sleep well at all. The windows and doors of the
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Day 36: Zamora to Montamarta, 18 km

I left this morning at 7.30 am. I promptly took a wrong turn, thinking the "Camino", must go past the
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