Day 23: Galisteo to Carcaboso, 11km

I did not leave the hostel until 7.30 am this morning. There was no hurry as the distance was not
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Day 22: Grimaldo to Galisteo, 20.6 km

I left at 7.30 am this morning, and took a nice photo outside the hostel. Nothing was open, so no
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Day 21: Canaveral to Grimaldo, 8.7km

Yesterday after a “siesta”, I had a meal at the same bar I had met "Fernando". The music was fantastic,
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Day 20: Casar de Caceres to Canaveral, 31.5 km

I left this morning at 6.30 am. There was no chance of breakfast, as all the decent people of the
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Day 19: Caceres to Casar de Caceres, 10,6 km

When I decided to stop yesterday after 12.7 km, I felt guilty. The rest of the group had continued on to
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Day 18: Valdesalor to Caceres,12.7 km

I had another terrible night of sleep. It was again very hot and though the “Albergue” was bright and airy,
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