Day 11: Rest day, Villafranca de Los Barros

I was up early this morning, all set to leave at 6am, However I felt a bit “weak”, so decided to have
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Day 10: Zafra to Villafranca de Los Barros, 17km

I decided to have a lie in this morning and leave at 8am, as “Villafranca” is only 17km away, about
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Day 9: Fuente de Cantos to Zafra, 25 km

This morning didn`t start great !!! Though I was up early I wasted a lot of time exiting “Fuente de
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Day 8: Monesterio to Fuente de Cantos, 22km

I had great intentions of leaving early today. However I slept badly, sweating the whole night, it felt like 40c.
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Day 7: El Real de La Jara to Monesterio, 22 km

I leave “El Real de La Jara” at 6.45 am, making sure this time to have had some breakfast. Typically
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Day 6: Almaden de La Plata – El Real de La Jara, 16 km

I leave at 6.30 am without any breakfast. I had been hoping that one of the bars might be open,
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